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Contract Drafting & Review

Well written contracts prevent many legal headaches!  While you can have a verbal agreement or a hand shake deal, when problems arise it can be difficult or even impossible to prove the terms of the agreement.  A written agreement that is properly prepared and signed can avoid misunderstandings and disputes. And if a dispute does arise despite having a written contract, it can often be easily resolved without having to take it to a court.  

I focus on business transactional matters such as contract drafting and review and have crafted more agreements for my clients than I can count.  More than just drafting a contract, I can help you determine the types of issues that you should include to protect your business and the different options that may be available to cover different situations. 

Please contact me to discuss your contract needs and how I may be able to help.  


Bernie Dietz is committed to answering your questions about business transactional law issues in Virginia.

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