January 4, 2016

How to make changes at the Virginia Department of Taxation

Has the name of your company changed? Or perhaps you have signed a lease for new office space and have a new address? Whatever the reason, often you will need to update the State of Virginia on changes to your business. Primarily, this means notifying the State Corporation Commission and the Virginia Department of Taxation. So how is this done?

To notify the Virginia Department of Taxation of changes to your company name, address, or other things, you can update your online account or file Form R-3 – http://www.tax.virginia.gov/content/report-changes-your-business

To notify the State Corporation Commission of changes to your address, the process depends on whether you are operating as a corporation or an LLC. For corporation, you can update your principal office address on your annual report form. Don’t want to wait until it’s time for your annual report? Request an annual report form directly from the State Corporation Commission and file it, regardless of timing.

If you’re operating as an LLC, you can file a Statement of Change of Principal Office address through the SCC eFile system or request the form and file by mail.

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